About Us


What is Think Service?

Think Service provides household services that are easy to book, fitted to your schedule and have a consistent service level (Think Service Approved). This is achieved by a website built for users and partnerships forged with providers that agree to service level agreements, as well as to have their earnings linked to customer satisfaction.

People | Product | Profit

As you will read on this site, in our terms of business or the public domain, Think Service is firstly about people. People are the centre of everything we do as a company. We have built the foundation of the business around this, creating a user experience we’re proud to put our name too – Think Service Approved.

Our focus on putting our customers in the middle of our business has allowed us to develop a website that is easy to use. Customers can book and pay for appointments online as well as selecting a time slot that suits them.

Allowing customers flexibility, usability and consistency have allowed Think Service to create a new benchmark within the markets of which we operate. We look forward to developing new markets that need improvement.