Partner Agreement


This service is only available for pest control. We are beta launching our other services and we are actively engaging with partners who would like to test our beta services – so please do get in touch

  1. Completing the agreement – Is this for me?

When entering into an agreement with Think Service you agree to represent our brand to the high standard of which we set. Our service standard is outlined in our Think Service Approved standard.

  1. Revenue Share & Payment

End User Charges and Partner Share

Pricing is weighted based on customer charge, and % is weighted on Think Service Approved Standard Scoring.

Call Out Charge

£79.99 – £99.99 Call Out & 1st Hour Charge

Partner Revenue Share 70% – 90%

Additional Hour Rate

£39.99 – £49.99

Partner Revenue Share 85% – 95%

Bespoke Pricing

Commercial Services & Treatment Solution

Partner Revenue Share 70% – 100%

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Revenue Schedule


  1. Think Service Approved Standard & Scoring

Think Service Standard

  • Arrival within 3-hour window
  • Transparency
  • Detailed Report
  • Customer Service
  • Quality Advice

Rewarded Attributes

  • Check In
  • Approval Site Logo
  • Report Quality
  • Customer Service Scoring
  • Relative job order acceptance

Bonus Attributes

  • Last minute and emergency loyalty
  • Referrals

Penalised Attributes

  • Cancellation within 24 Hours
  • Lateness without reasonable notice
  • Consistency of lateness
  • Overall low customer satisfaction scoring
  • Client complaints (deemed reasonable by Think Service)

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