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Mouse Pest Control- Get Rid of Mice

Want to know how to get rid of mice? Welcome to Think Service, you’re in the right place.  Love them or hate them, a rogue mouse in your property needs to be ousted. Our think service approved pest controllers specialise in exterminating mice from your property. Once the mice have been removed, our prevention services, will then ensure that know more of these little creatures come back and say hello.

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Getting Rid of Mice – Our Services

Mice are commonly found in a home’s; attic/loft, floorboard and walls, however, these resourceful little creatures can wriggle into the most tricky places. At Think Service we will:

  • Identify the problem – Find out why and how mice are entering the property.
  • Remove the problem – The pest controller will confirm the action to be taken, be it through a variety of traps, poison or humane extermination.
  • Proof the problem – Once you’ve got rid of the mice, they will then make sure that they don’t come back again. This is typically done by mouse proofing the property through blocking off all accessibility.

Find out more about Think Service mouse control or book an appointment.

How to get rid of mice - pest controller and woman look at hole by radiator showing mouse access point to home


How to get rid of mice - Mouse eating poison

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How to get rid of mice - Mouse running out of house

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How to get rid of mice - Pest controller proofing hole by radiator








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Where are mice located?

  • In the house – Find out about why mice are within your home and how to identify them.
  • In the loft – Find out how and why a mouse will get into your loft and potential problems they can cause.
  • Under floorboards – Find out signs of mice under the floorboards of your home and what can be done to treat the issue.
  • In the walls – Mice can commonly be found in walls. Learn how to identify signs of mice in your walls and what to do about it.

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Think Service Blog

Want to know how to get rid of mice? Information about Mice? Are elephants afraid of mice? Catchup on the Think Service pest control blog.

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Most popular blog entries:

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Infestations – Find out about information about mice infestations. How they occur, risks and how to prevent them.

What do Mice Eat  Ever wondered what mice eat? This blog post will tell you about what different types of mice eat

How to Catch a Mouse  Do you want to know how to get rid of mice once and for all? Think Service trades secrets will tell you how to catch a mouse

Interesting Facts about Mice Funny, insightful and weird. Must know information about Mice.

More Blog Posts …..  Read and keep up to date with what’s going on with Pest Control with our blog. 

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Other Bits and Bobs


Try out our specialised question and answer based pest control forum.

Pest Control Supplies

We provide a variety of different pest control products for mice such as traps and poisons; visit our product page.

DIY Mouse Pest Control

Learn how to make homemade mouse traps and poisons with our DIY pest control section.

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