Pest Control News 11th July 2015


  • TNAU Commits to reaserch for safer pest control
  • McCartney and Gervais react to Fox Hunting proposals
  • Swindon Council Cuts Pest Control
  • Severe Pigeon Problems in Newent

India – In India, there has been a lot of focus on Tamil Nadu vegetable farming since the Kerala government’s accusation of unsafe limits of pest control. Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU) today has announced that it has committed to multi-dimensional research to create safer pest control methods for the farmers. Coconut Tonic developers TNAU, have a proven track record in the creating a variety of crop boosters such as Pulse Wonder.

UK – The proposed changes to fox hunting has been widely blasted by high profile celebrities including the likes of Rikki Gervais and Paul McCartney. Animal rights activist McCartney said, “It is cruel and unnecessary and will lose them support from ordinary people and animal lovers like myself” while Gervais stated on Twitter “Imagine if a gang of thugs set a pack of dogs on a terrified animal for a laugh. Now imagine they’re posh people on horseback. #KeepTheBan.”

UK – Daily headlines continue to be released by local broadcasters as councils continue to cut pest control funding. Swindon Council stated that there were far better services available in the local area. David Renard, the leader of the council, has stated that “We have therefore taken the decision to scrap the service so the council will no longer be in the pest control business.”

UK – Gloucester Citizen has reported severe Pigeon issues in Newent. Local businesses have vented their frustrations with the likes of Anne Haines, who runs Flowercraft Peter Curtis of the Buttery Tea Rooms. Newent Council is set to reach out to the District Council to ensure the action is taken.

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