Pest Control News 13th July 2015


  • Labour urges SNP to get behind voting against changes to foxhunting legislation
  • Scottish Parliment spends record amount on pest control last year

Senior Labour MPs Ian Murray and Maria Eagle have written a letter to the SNP’s Angus Robertson urging for the support of the party to vote against the proposed legislation changes to fox hunting. In Scotland, legislation is looser than in England and Wales and the proposal will be brought in line with Scottish legislation. Labour has urged to the party to reach out to ensure everyone in Scotland’s voice will be heard.

Meanwhile, the Scottish government have pest control problems closer to home. Holyrood building, the home of the Scottish Parliment, spent £22,500 on pest control last year. The building has had continued problems with mice, pigeons and seagulls going back to before 2011. The prior year was again £20,000 and all of which is a bill footed by the taxpayer.

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